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Opus Mobile Therapy, PLLC is a dedicated mobile therapy practice serving Brevard North Carolina and surrounding areas. We specialize in helping older adults maximize their health and wellness and to age in place safely in the convenience of their home environment.   

JEFF PARLIER, OT/L, ECHM     Occupational Therapist & Owner


I am a Licensed Occupational Therapist with a Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy and a Bachelor’s degree in Rehabilitation Science. I am an LSVT BIG Certified Clinician for Parkinson's Disease and other neurologic conditions. I have extensive experience in healthcare including neurological and orthopedic rehabilitation in a variety of settings including home health services. I completed the Executive Certificate in Home Modification (ECHM) training building on my skills to assist individuals with maximizing their home environment. 

I also have vast experience in assessing safety, cognition, fall risk, adaptive equipment, and assistive technology solutions for improving patient safety and independence in the home and community.

As a healthcare professional and a member of the Brevard community and larger WNC region, I am dedicated to helping members of the community achieve health and wellness and assist them to remain safe and independent in their home environment.

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  • What is mobile therapy?
    Mobile therapy is skilled therapy service that comes to you. A mobile therapist can provide treatment in the convenience of your home on your schedule. Opus Mobile Therapy serves 65+ year old Medicare beneficiaries. This is not home health therapy which is billed under Medicare Part A and requires you to be “home-bound” and under direct care of a doctor. Mobile therapy is essentially outpatient therapy on wheels and bills Medicare Part B.
  • Why choose mobile therapy over clinic therapy?
    There are many benefits to receiving mobile therapy in your home. Occupational therapists are highly trained in evaluating patients in their home environment to assess safety, self care, and daily function in the home. Mobile therapy is highly individualized, specific and convenient for your needs. Clinic therapy requires the patient to travel away from the home several times a week to receive treatment with clinical but not always functional equipment based in a less personalized environment.
  • How can I get set up with mobile therapy services?
    1. Contact Jeff at 828-577-9150 for an initial consultation. 2. Provide your Medicare number for verification of benefits. 3. Collaborate with Jeff to obtain a therapy order from your physician. 4. Schedule an appointment with Jeff for the initial home visit and evaluation.
  • What will the initial visit look like?
    All initial visits will include the following: 1. Paperwork processing such as HIPAA, benefits and payments, and patient authorization. 2. Discussion including detailed medical history and reason for current referral. 3. Individualized evaluation of patient. 4. Assessment of home environment and patient’s function in the home. 5. Discussion of therapy plan and treatment schedule.
  • What if I don't have Medicare?
    You may be able to receive services from Opus Mobile Therapy depending on your specific private insurance coverage. Benefit eligibility will be determined at initial consultation. Some services may be provided on a cash payment basis.
  • Does Medicare cover a home safety assessment?
    Yes! A home safety assessment can be completed as part of your mobile therapy services along with safety education, training, and recommendations to increase overall safety. Occupational therapists are highly trained experts in assessing the home environment and how a person functions in it to improve safety and independence.
  • Does Medicare cover all mobile therapy services?
    Medicare covers 80% of all outpatient therapy services including mobile therapy. Many people have a secondary insurance (Medigap) that will cover the additional 20% as well as yearly deductibles, copays, etc. Opus Mobile Therapy will verify your total insurance benefit upfront and inform you of any out-of-pocket costs before the first visit.
  • Does my doctor know about mobile therapy services?
    Possibly not. Because mobile therapy is provided in the home, your doctor may think it is the same thing as home health therapy (Medicare Part A). However, mobile therapy at home is still classified as standard outpatient therapy (Medicare Part B). Tell your doctor you want mobile therapy! Your doctor can simply fax a referral for therapy to 828-641-9298.
  • I only have a sore back/shoulder/etc. but am otherwise healthy. Can I get mobile therapy?
    Yes! Opus Mobile Therapy has the equipment, skills, and knowledge to treat your orthopedic issues right in your own home providing they are medically necessary determined your physician and therapist. This saves you valuable time from going to a therapy clinic two or more times per week. Your doctor can fax us a therapy order to 828-641-9298.
  • I live in an Assisted Living Facility/Retirement Community. Can I get mobile therapy services?
    Yes! Your ALF/retirement community is your home, and you have the same access to mobile therapy services as others living in their home. Your facility may contract with other therapy providers, but you can still request Opus Mobile Therapy for your personal therapy needs if you prefer. The assisted living facility does not have the right to determine the provider for your therapy services.
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