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At Opus Mobile Therapy, we understand that you may have difficulty leaving your home several times a week to able to visit a clinic at a physical location for your appointment, or you simply may prefer the convenience of having outpatient therapy come to you at home. You have the choice to take advantage of personalized care, experience more privacy compared to going to a clinic, and benefit from treatment that is catered to your home-environment.

Opus Mobile Therapy makes life easier by bringing our services to you.


As we age, our strength, flexibility, and endurance can decline, affecting our ability to function well and carry out daily activities. As a result, there can be a decline in functional mobility, self-care independence, ability to take care of the home, and general well-being. 

Opus Mobile Therapy can help older adults increase their independence and well-being with personalized rehabilitation in the convenience of their own home. 


Orthopedic surgery and recovery is stressful and demanding. Be it hip or knee replacement, shoulder repair or replacement, or spinal surgery, Opus Mobile Therapy can provide expert rehabilitation services in the convenience of your own home while you recover. 

In addition, your home environment will pose new challenges during your recovery. We can help adapt your environment to maximize safety and independence.    


Neurological conditions such as stroke, Parkinson's, TBI, SCI, etc. pose considerable challenges to daily life for the individual and their caregivers. It takes a highly trained and experienced therapy provider to effectively help people with neurological impairments.

Opus Mobile Therapy is LSVT BIG Certified and brings vast experience in neurological therapy, adaptive equipment, and home modification solutions to increase independence and home accessibility.    


Many older adults have lived and functioned in their home for decades and may not realize potential safety hazards until it is too late. Falls and other injuries are common in the home environment, and most can be mitigated with a proper home safety assessment. 

Let Opus Mobile Therapy help identify and provide solutions for potential home hazards to improve safety and independence in the home. 


Most older adults wish to "Age in Place" in their home as long as possible. Unfortunately, many homes lack the supportive environment necessary to allow aging in place.

Opus Mobile Therapy provides expert recommendations based on homeowner needs and consults with area contractors performing the work to ensure the modifications are high quality, safe, and meet the needs of the homeowner.


Falls are the leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries for older adults. One in four older adults fall each year. Many older adults greatly fear falling and become isolated and depressed (

Opus Mobile Therapy provides extensive fall prevention education and training with emphasis on the individual's physical and cognitive capabilities and the home environment. 


A decline in cognitive function can result from the normal aging process or from disease and illness. Cognitive impairment greatly impacts function, independence, and safety.

Opus Mobile Therapy provides comprehensive training and education for cognitive impairment to the individual as well as assessment the home environment to ensure safety and to maximize independence. 


Caregivers need help and support. Opus Mobile Therapy provides extensive caregiver training and education to family members and/or hired caregivers to maximize the safety and well being of both the patient and the caregiver.  With proper training and skills, a caregiver can reduce demands and effort required without compromising patient safety and quality of care. 


Everyone has unique health conditions, needs, and living environments that require personalized care and consideration. 

Reach out to Opus Mobile Therapy today to discuss your needs and how we can help! 

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